The Great 2019 Parasolverse Read Along Schedule & Guide!

ENDED! But you’re always welcome to do this yourself.

So the Parasol Protectorate Facebook Group voted, and the Coop de Book (along with them) are doing a massive Parasolverse read along for 2019, Gentle Reader.

I’ll keep pace here in the blog, in the Facebook Fan Group, on Twitter, and with the Chirrup. Skye will try to stay on top of the Goodreads Group. I’m going back through and finding fun behind the scenes and research blog posts, so when we start each book’s reread, I’ll post an update with yummy stuff to go alongside.

It’s going to be intense but FUN!


January 1/1-1/6 The Curious Case short story

January & February The Finishing School series

March 3/4-3/10 Poison or Protect novella

March & April & May The Parasol Protectorate series

May 5/20-5/26 Romancing the Inventor novella

May & June First 2 Custard Protocol Books, Rue’s POV

June 6/24-6/30 Romancing the Werewolf  novella

July 7/1-7/14 Competence

July 7/15-7/21 How to Marry a Werewolf novella


The plan is to chat about the books as we read them and in general, both on the Goodreads group and the Parasol Protectorate group. I’ll try to stay on top of posting about which book we are on and hopefully those who are keeping pace will help me with this.


The Goodreads Group

The Parasol Protectorate Group 

All Carriger Books List

There will be no regular Coop de Book pick until September 2019.

Until then, you can find my reviews of my favorite books ongoing on Goodreads or BookBub, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook for shout outs to my favorites when I spot them on sale.

Books recommendations and favorite things that make me happy will continue to show up each month in the Chirrup.

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The Omega Objection San Andreas Shifters

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Tiny Navajo Reads says:

“They both help each see each other for what they truly are and what it means to be family. I love it when books are able to do this and especially love it G.L. Carriger does it, because they do it in such a way as to open your eyes to all forms of love and acceptance. The way our world is becoming we need more books and characters that not only look different than us but love and act differently than us.”


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5 Responses

  1. Roz said:

    But I can re-read them so much faster than that pace? How can I still participate?

  2. Liz said:

    ^^No one says you have to ONLY read Parasolverse books if you read that fast. I also read very quickly and just plan to add these into my TBR for each month/week!

    So excited for this readalong! Thank you to Gail for putting the schedule and stuff together!

  3. anne said:

    This read-along is an excellent idea, but also sheer madness. I would like to do it in full, but I have still so many other books to read and films and series to view. I will limit the read-along to the Custard Protocol, since I have not read Competence yet (shame on me!).

  4. Jessy Fearnow said:

    I will definitely try to keep up while also juggling my class readings! This is wonderful idea cant wait to jump in a bit late

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