Timeless Special Extras (Parasol Protectorate)

The Great Parasolverse read along continues with Timeless, the final Parasol Protectorate book. I talked a lot about ending a series when this book came out.  This was a first for me… ending a series. Timeless released in March of 2012. Here are some for the best blog posts that tie to this book. Chattering and […]

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What’s Chirruping? Timeless Giveaway (The Parasol Protectorate)

The Chirrup is about to go out and this month members will get gossip, an update on the third Custard Protocol book, why I’m lamenting proofs, some recommended books on sale, and a chance to enter and win one of 10 copies of Timeless (the out of print mass market paperback version). Join the Chirrup if you dare.* […]

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Victorians In Egypt ~ Researching Timeless (Behind the Magic of the Parasol Protectorate)

With the release of the trade paperback of Timeless immanent, Gentle Reader… I thought you would enjoy a flashback glimpse at some of my research for that book. British Paintings tumblr: Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dream – Reginald Arthur 1894   British Paintings tumblr: 1839 David-Roberts-Interview-With-Mehmet-Ali-In-His-Palace-At-Alexandria   Below are some quick sources off the top of […]

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7 Steampunk-ish Things In France (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

It’s hard for me to turn the steampunk hunting instincts off, Gentle Reader. I’m like a truffle pig in this particular matter. Snuffle snuffle snort . . . steampunk! I thought there would be a more propitiatory connection to early flight, all my research suggests the French were once particularly enamored of floating about full […]

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