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Dress the Cover: Poison or Protect in Purple

17 August 2017 | 8:31 am by Gail Carriger

A year ago, Fashionable Reader, Poison or Protect released into the world. Now, finally the audiobook is also available.

Here for your fun an entertainment are some fashionable items that match this cover...

 1880 Mourning dress, 1880-85  From Kerry Taylor Auctions

 For Alexia...

Worth day dress, 1880’s  From the State Hermitage Museum

1890s  Sotheby’s

 For Prudence...

Day Dress  1895  Augusta Auctions

For Quesnel...

1890s Ascot The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Gail...

Earrings  Cartier, 1920  Sotheby’s

  Suzy Perette, 1950s  Mill Street Vintage

 Jabot Pin  1925

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