Manners & Mutiny Special Extras (Finishing School)

Manners & Mutiny, the final Finishing School book, released in November of 2015. It was the first time I finished a series that had been planned as a series from the very beginning. Here are some fun blog posts and resources that tie to this book. Research I did, chattering on the subject of finishing […]

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Manners & Mutiny Available in Trade

For those of you who are collectors of the trade paperbacks (here in the USA) Manners & Mutiny is finally available today! This is my last official release of a Finishing School book. Yes there will be other translations, but I tend not to know when those come out. Those of you who have been waiting […]

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Unused Finishing School Notes (Behind the Scenes)

And now, Gentle Reader,  for some serious bloggage… Finishing School DVD Extras! One of the last things I did, Gentle Reader, when I was handing in my final draft of Manners & Mutiny, was go over my story bible for the whole book series. I’m not going to let you peek at the bible itself. […]

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Manners & Mutiny Book Tour Events (Finishing School)

I am off on tour, Gentle Reader, for Manners & Mutiny. Normal blogging resumes when I return. You can follow my exploits on Twitter & Instagram. (A quick note the book should be available in most larger US bookstores. If it’s not shelved, do ask them to please go in the back and open the […]

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Manners & Mutiny Out Today!

It. Is. Alive! Today Manners & Mutiny is available online or wherever fine books are sold. Here’s a sample of sources: Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo iBooks   I am really happy with this book because I feel like it ties up so many loose ends, not only for Sophronia and her friends, but for […]

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Ending a Series ~ Tomorrow Manners & Mutiny Drops

Tomorrow Manners & Mutiny officially heads out into the world (yes, it shipped early in a few places). This is the last book in the Finishing School series. Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo iBooks The Finishing School series was a lot of firsts for me. The first time I wrote YA. The first time I […]

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