10 Things Only Gail Carriger Readers Understand (Special Extras)

Just for fun, Gentle Reader… 10 Things Only Gail Carriger Readers Understand The octopuses are behind EVERYTHING. When in doubt, throw your food. The best accessories are also weapons. Parasol = adventure. It’s quite likely that your friend is queer. Actually, it’s practically guaranteed. You might also be queer. Heck, everyone is queer! Weeeeeeeee. Tea […]

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Gail Interviews Stacy Finz, Getting Western With It!

My dear Gentle Reader, Please join me in welcoming the lovely Stacy Finz to the blog today! Stacy is an awesome, hilarious, vibrant human who I am lucky enough to get to see pretty regularly, as she is a member of my RWA chapter. Accordingly I invited her around for virtual tea! About the Author! […]

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If You Like Gail Carriger + This Famous Book Than You Should Try… (Recommended Reads)

Some book recommendations for you today, Gentle Reader! Hard Science Fiction If you like Gail’s books and Ancillary Justice… than you might want to try… Dangerous Times by Isobelle Winters Why it’s like Ancillary? This book is playing with concepts of gender and neutrality, agency, revolution, and loyalty. Why it’s like my stuff? This a breezy […]

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When the Book Surprises the Author, How Gail Decides What To Write Next & Sneaky Hints on Future Projects (Video)

My darlings a new chatty video for you. I got silly and excited about the Soulless Illustrated HC, new nonfiction book Girl Squads, and seeing a performance of queer Oklahoma! Questions Answered Will there be more illustrated editions of the Parasol Protectorate Series? How does Gail feel about the style of the illustrations? How does […]

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Gail Interviews Diana Pharaoh Francis & We Talk Humor!

Dearest Gentle Reader, As you may have noticed September is a pretty busy month for me. I’ve had some unexpected family related travel among other things. In order to help me cope, I invited another author friend around for tea and a chat. Please welcome the incomparable fantasist, Diana Pharaoh Francis, to the blog today! About […]

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Soulless Illustrated Hardback, Peek Beneath the Cover? Your questions answered.

My darling Gentle Reader, Here’s some behind the scenes deliciousness, pertaining to Soulless Illustrated Hardcover! This special edition of Soulless includes 10 stunning full page illustrations in Edward Gorey style by the talented Jensine Eckwall. Out Tomorrow! September 18, 2018 Here’s some close up images of what this edition looks like… What kind of hardcover is it? This edition is a board printed […]

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