Have You Considered Making It Funny? The Power of Humor as Subversion (Important for Writers)

Humor is POWER Comedy in writing is an interesting thing, Gentle Reader. I talk about it a lot in person, but I don’t really write about it that much here on the interwebs. Whatcha know, this is special. Writing about comedy is a little like watching one of those cooking shows, a frustrating tease. It destroys […]

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Finishing School Fan & Sprinkle Maneuver! (Special Extras)

I just wanted to remind you that this fun series of gifs exists, Gentle Reader. From the Finishing School Series, the fan & sprinkle Anti werewolf maneuver! Cover2Cover Blog says of Etiquette & Espionage: “The plot was mysterious but also full of action and adventure and at every turn of the page I was captivated […]

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