Miss Carriger’s 20+ Recommended Blogs & Podcasts for Authors

My dear Gentle Reader, This one if for authors/writers who are interested in publishing & marketing their books. This post is part of my occasional FAQ series where I endeavor to answer questions I get asked all the time. (Mainly so I have a perma-link to point people at in future.) Below I list the blogs and podcasts […]

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Poison or Protect Is Now An Audiobook!

I’m delighted, Gentle Reader, to announce that Poison or Protect is now available as an audiobook. Find it on Audible & iTunes This Parasolverse story, the first Delightfully Deadly Novella, is read by the amazing Suzanne Lavington and produced by Bryan Lincoln. Poison or Protect Can one gentle Highland soldier woo Victorian London’s most scandalous lady assassin, or […]

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Marine Biology New Cover & Character Boards

So, Gentle Reader, for those of you who sign up for the Chirrup before the next one goes out Sunday morning (and for those who are already members) I’ll be offering a digital download of Marine Biology with new cover art and a sample chapter of The Sumage Solution. (You’ll have to sideload it onto your […]

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Dear Lord Akeldama: On Fashion, Feminism, & Faux

Please welcome the gentleman vampire back to my blog this week, Gentle Reader. As always Lord Akeldama is happy to entertain your questions, although he may not give you the answer you wish, he always gives your question the answer it deserves. And now… Dear Lord Akeldama Lisa asks: Since you are a master of subtle […]

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Next Chirrup Will Offer Marine Biology & The First Chapter of The Sumage Solution

So I’m trying a new experiment in next month’s Chirrup (my newsletter), Gentle Readers. I’ll be offering a code to download a digital copy of Marine Biology with the new cover art and a special sample chapter of my upcoming book, The Sumage Solution, at the back. You’ll need to Join the Chirrup BEFORE it goes out on […]

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Why G. L. Carriger? On Pen Names, Cover Art & Reader Betrayal

So let us talk a little bit about pen names, shall we Gentle Reader? G. L. Carriger My next book, The Sumage Solution: San Andreas Shifters #1, is a big departure for me. OK, perhaps not that big. It’s still me, full of silliness and fun. It’s urban fantasy, but it’s set in contemporary times, […]

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