The Books

The Finishing School1850s Young Adult Completed Series

Sophronia is recruited to a finishing school for spies located in a dirigible floating over Dartmoor. In this whimsical YA series, young ladies of quality are taught to finish everything – and everyone – as needed. Set in the same world as the Parasol Protectorate, only 22 years earlier, full of steampunk etiquette, well-dressed espionage, and flying food.

The Parasol Protectorate1870s Completed Series

Five books chronicling the exploits of Alexia Tarabotti, a lady of considerable assets including a large Scottish werewolf, a battle-parasol, and treacle tart tenancies. Oh yes, and she has no soul.

The Custard Protocol1890s Ongoing Series

Rue and her marauding crew of miscreants charge about in their high-tech dirigible trying to fix the British Empire, loudly and mainly with tea. This series explores the ramifications of Gail's steampunk universe, both its technology and how the supernatural evolved differently around the world.

Delightfully Deadly Novellas1860s Ongoing Stand Alone Romances

Stand alone romances set in Gail Carriger's steampunk world full of manners, spies, and supernatural creatures taking tea. This series follows the exploits of the highly trained and highly dangerous graduates of Mademoiselle Geraldine's. Look for appearances from favorite characters and the occasionally strategic application of the cut direct.

Supernatural Society NovellasStand Alone LBGT Romances

Stand alone novellas featuring popular LBGT characters from Gail's steampunk world. Look for werewolves in top hats, vampires in bustles, and silly inventions. There is a great deal of shockingly forward flirtation between members of the same sex, between supernaturals of different species, and even between high society and the lower orders (gasp).

The first of these, Romancing the Inventor, releases Nov. 1 2016.

Claw & Courtship NovellasComing 2017 Stand Alone Werewolf Romances

Stand alone romances set in Gail's steampunk world full of werewolves in cravats and the women who love them (both the werewolves and their cravats).

The first of these will most likely release in 2017.

The Soulless Manga1870s Completed Series

Graphic novel adaptation, all editions are titled Soulless. Each volume represents its corresponding Parasol Protectorate book. So, Soulless Vol.I = Soulless, Soulless Vol.II = Changeless, and Soulless Vol.III = Blameless. There are only 3 manga. Gail discussed why in this blog post.

Short StoriesSteampunk & So Much More

Gail's short stories include cheeky fairies disguised as jesters, a closeted werewolf and the merman who wants him, warrior women with sticky weapons, and the secret past of Alexia's father, Alessandro Tarabotti. Only $0.99 each.

Other ScribblesSci Fi, Paranormal Romance, & More

Gail's non-Parasolverse novels include a YA sci-fi adventure in full cast audio, a smart-mouthed failed mage and his werewolf, and more to come.

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