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I’ve had  a number of people contact me about the fact that although I’ve updated the formatting and cover art for two short stories (Marine Biology & Fairy Debt), they aren’t automatically updating on Kindle device.

FairyDebt_ebook copy

Did anyone out there who purchased either story before the re-release have it update successfully?

I’d love to know. The new versions have the copyright information at the back rather than the front. (There’s no substantial content changes so don’t worry about that.)

Here is how to turn on Amazon automatic updating. (And here’s Amazon being sublimely unhelpful on the subject of issues.)

Here is how to manually update your Kindle device via your Amazon account settings.

But Gail, no matter what I do it won’t update!

I’m afraid this is an Amazon issue and I can’t diagnose it for you. (I can’t even do it for myself.) Fixing it will have to do with your account, operating system, e-reader type, settings, cloud storage, and a host of other things. If you have annotated or highlighted the original version there may be a safeguard in place that prevents any update.

All I know it that it’s supposed to automatically update.


Look, I’m just as frustrated as you. I deleted my version of Marine Biology from everywhere. I deleted it from my device. Then I double checked all bits of it were deleted by plugging my Kindle in to my computer in USB mode. Then I went to my account and deleted it from the cloud too. I rebooted my Kindle. Then I re-purchased the darn thing and… nothing. Oh I got the new cover, but only in gallery view. Everything else remains the 2013 version (2.0). I’ve tried googling, I’ve tried KDP forums, there’s unhelpful tips on updating for publishers and even more unhelpful tips on updating for readers. Yet nothing changes, those embedded extensions are like a cancer.

You longtime Kindle users know how buggy the darn things are. Right?

There’s that one book that will never stay in a category but always wants to be in the main drive. Or the one that, in the end, you have to manually delete by hooking your kindle into your desktop. Or the one that just won’t open no matter what you do.

Yeah. I have those too. Having hundreds of books with me when I travel still trumps everything else. Everything.

Your, extremely frustrated,

Miss Gail

P.S. And you, yes you with the supercilious expression, I don’t want no cheeky “just read the old fashioned way” comments.” Zip it. We all like what we like. And you will pry my e-reader from my cold dead heads. No wait, I want to be buried with it, just in case.

P.P.S. Don’t even get me started on nook…

Meanwhile… Parlourmaids Trouble Gail

While you face this crisis, I tumble down the British excessive “u” rabbit hole over the word parlourmaid. You see, I want to use the word parlourmaid because that’s how it was used and spelled (and in the USA we didn’t really have them, as such) but that means I must also use the word parlour. If I use parlour then why not colour? There in lies UTTER MADNESS.

Copy edit conundrum and impasse. You see how my life is?

What to do over the extraneous u?


{Gail’s monthly read along for August is Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce.}


  • Romancing the Inventor ~ A Supernatural Society Novella
    Status: Working copy edit. Release date Nov. 1 2016.
    LBGT romance featuring a parlormaid bent on seducing a certain cross-dressing inventor who is too brokenhearted to notice. Or is she?
  • Romancing the Werewolf ~ A Supernatural Society Novella
    Status: Outline.
    LBGT reunion romance featuring your favorite reluctant werewolf dandy, the return of a certain quietly efficient Beta, and a very unexpected gift.
  • Secret Project SAS ~ Novella? Novel? Who knows.
    Status: Rough draft.
    Something utterly new and different for Gail. Hella raunchy. Super dirty. Very very fun. Spin off of Marine Biology.



Marine Biology

A short tale of seduction, selkies, and sushi.

Alex is a werewolf with problems – he’s unexpectedly alive, he’s quite definitely gay, and he’s been ordered into a partnership with one very flirty merman.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1860The Philadelphia Museum of Art _ OMG that dress!

186 0The Philadelphia Museum of Art via OMG that dress!

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

5 India Cloud at Copperfield's Books copy

With India Cloud at Copperfield’s Books

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

What’s Old is New: Double Rings

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8 Responses

  1. Katie said:

    My copy of Fairy Debt from Amazon updated automatically, but not my copy of Marine Biology.

  2. Frank Kempe said:

    Miss Gail, here are the typos and other infelicities I found in Imprudence as we discussed at Worldcon. The numbers are page, Text line, and word. If the line is below a Blank space with a dirigible in it a second number in parentheses is included. Starting with the easy ones;
    15 26 6 worn
    32 13 7 frustrating
    82 7 1 allusion
    88 1 4 her should be deleted
    96 33 3 his
    99 9 4 of
    116 26 5 her – paragraph discusses Professor Lefoux updating paperwork
    186 24 1 duly – probably not decided daily
    242 4 4 tempted
    337 3 6 of
    167 25 6 flotillas – dictionary says word is Spanish diminutive of flota – fleet
    326 7 1 flotilla
    343 35 7 flotilla.
    Now for some needing a little more explanation;
    190 23(13) 10 has – dictionary says “many a man” is singular
    247 17 Looks like editing glitch, editor said to use “they’re” person doing it heard “there”, simplest fix would to use “these” or “they”
    261 12 6 “a” should be inserted
    Now these don’t require a change because they are speech or POV thought, but they should be noted to avoid possible continuity error in later volumes.
    5 5 Rue thinks “at their cups” dictionary form is “in their cups”
    208 5 Tasherit says “must to beat”. She is not a native English speaker and whatever language she thinks in may use this construction, but it should be noted for later reference.
    Finally, the one I showed you in KC.
    282 4(2) there is no “aft balloon” on a dirigible. I would have thought they would fly the flag from one of the support cables for the gondola.
    Whew. That’s all for now. Good luck on getting some of these into the next print run.
    Frank Kempe
    [email protected]

    1. Gail Carriger said:

      Not that is VERY annoying. Sign. I’m so confused by Amazon. Frankly I shoudl take it down and start from scratch but then I’d lose all my review and Amazon re flags me for plagiarizing from myself.

  3. Shonna said:

    Embrace the ‘u’, you know you want to….. Palour, colour and parlourmaid just seem less without it!

  4. LadyDanita said:

    Must agree with Shonna: embrace extraneous u’s! Particularly British in setting, it suits.
    It’s your world though Miss Gail, you divinely and delightfully let us in, and we adore whatever you do. (Especially more adventures of The Inventor, which some of us are trying not to die from the anticipation…)

  5. Lynne Alexander said:

    Given your previous declarations of cringing every time you encounter any blemishes while attempting to read your own (and some other’s) work, I had decided against bringing anything up since there is little you can do once the thing is published. Seemed inane even if I am a grammar-nazi…but I agree with the use of Brittish spellings! I personally use them mainly because early literary exposure is how I learned to spell most words and it stuck. Also, I get mixed up enough between French/English cognates.

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