The Scarcity of the Gail (Surgery!)

So my dear Gentle Reader, I’m going to be pretty scarce about the interwebs for the next few months. I’ve planned some tweets and tumblrs posts to drop and I am hoping I will be cogent enough to at least interact with people a little, but right now I am heading into the unknown grey fog.

What is this particular fog composed of? Well, those who read the Chirrup already know of a certain unpleasantness in my immediate future. Now it is upon me. (OK, hopefully off me.) I’m going in for surgery. Nothing too serious but it is major. Trust me, you don’t want details but if you’re desperate to know, I go into it a bit more over on Retro Rack.

Anita Ekberg

Nevertheless, here’s hoping there is one super happy Gail out the other end. I have a great support network in place, good people got my back. (Or should I say “got my front?” I’m hilarious.) The worst part will be having to stay still and not do anything. I’m not great at that. Although, Lilliput will be delighted. I have stockpiled lots of books to read and TV to watch. I’m going to mainline BuffyI’ve seen only a few episodes and I figure this is as good an excuse as any to finally watch them all. In reading, I’d like to get caught up on Tanya Huff’s Valor series and also McCaffery’s Freedom series which I have been saving for years.

Jayne Mansfield via theniftyfifties tumblr

Don’t worry, I built this time off into my writing schedule, Manners & Mutiny will be out as promised this November. Imprudence is looking to release next summer, but it was never going to make a spring 2016 release like Prudence did. Sorry if you thought it would.

Anita Ekberg via nexiv tumblr

Surgery is the reason I’m not doing any events this summer. I’m still planning on being in Spokane for World Con in the Fall. It caps my recovery time nicely, so unless something goes horribly wrong, I should be there and in the mood to celebrate.


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Book News:
Yvette of Book Worlder says of Prudence: “If you enjoy lighthearted adventure, Steampunk with vampires and shapeshifters, a bit of romance or large, floating airships painted like giant ladybugs (ladybirds, in the fully British version), then I recommend this book to you”

Quote of the Day:
“Miss Francina went striding out into that burning cold in her negligee and marabou slippers like she owned the night and the rest of us was just paying rent on it.”
~ Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear

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