6 Most Exciting Things To Happen To A Career Author in 2018 from Gail Carriger (Important For Writers)

The end of 2018 is soon upon us, Gentle Reader. Here are the 6 most interesting and exciting things that happened to me this year.

  1. I officially earned more from my self published stuff than my traditionally published stuff, partly because I was very late turning in my last book and so I haven’t been paid for that yet. But still, it’s a pivot point.

  2. I discovered I can sign 150 pages an hour.

  3. I learned how to run a Facebook ad. Not a particularly successful one, but still I learned how to do it.

  4. Mercedes Lackey agreed to be part of my parasolverse anthology! Then the anthology never happened. But still the fact that she even considered it was an honor.

  5. I attended my first RWA Nationals. It was fun, my teapot purse was MUCH admired. I might try to go again next year. I will definitely be at the one the year after, cause it’s in my hometown.

  6. I learned if I manage my travel better: less over all and more retreats, I’m way more productive and happy as an authorbeast. So I will pursue that going forward.

All in all rather a subdued year for me, but that’s OK. I’d sooner that than a ton of personal and career drama. The rest of the world is bad enough. Fingers crossed for another calm year in 2019. But actually it’s already looked a bit more chaotic.

2019 is, however, my 10 year Book-a-versery!

Which is to say, Soulless released in October of 2009. So there will be lots of stuff to do with that, and lots of fun giveaways in the Chirrup to coincide.

Happy 2019 my darlings!

Miss Gail


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